Kyle as Clarence in Richard III / dir. Jack Fletcher

Photo by Ella Bromblin

Photo by Deborah Lopez

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"Our voice is the authentic expression of our point of view:  our unique combination of anatomy, experience and desire."

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Kyle leading Gretchen Hall & Katie Honaker in Wall V,
a core mVm exercise

Photo courtesty Miller Voice Method


Students of mVm learn fundamentals of vocal production, and acquire a systematic methodology for releasing
muscular tension throughout the vocal apparatus from
the tip of the tongue down to bottom of the ribcage.


But Voice doesn't only refer to the tone produced in
our larynx and our resonators. Our voice is the authentic expression of our point of view: our unique combination
of anatomy, experience and desire.


Through his career experience as a communicator, and given the tools of mVm, Kyle will guide you through 
unblocking your voice, freeing it from habit,
unnecessary tension and excessive control.


Do you want to expand your reach by accessing a more charismatic, persuasive version of yourself?  Are you looking to augment your public speaking skills so that you and your ideas can find a larger audience?


Through the principles of the Miller Voice Method, Kyle can assist you in developing not only your vocal resonance, but also your memorability, so that the impression you leave
is a lasting one.


Let Kyle help you find a richer, more expressive tone through vocal tension release.  At the same time, you'll practice concise, confident expression, and the tools of vocal variance, the mechanism that reveals point of view.  This will allow people to experience your presence, rather than
just hearing your words.

With 25 years' professional experience, Kyle is an excellent resource for actors who need an assist. 


Whether it's audition prep you need, or you've got a tricky text that needs unlocking, Kyle is available for self-tapes, as well as

one-on-one coaching, in person or online.


Kyle received his formal training from New York University's acclaimed Graduate Acting Program.  He studied Acting with Richard Feldman, Janet Zarish, Mark Wing-Davey and Lisa Benavides, among many others.  He is particularly skilled in heightened lanugage, and will help you bring clarity and point of view to your text. 


He's also studied physical disciplines like clown, mask, Grotowski, Laban, Michael Chekhov and Miller Voice Method.  He will get you out of your head and into your body, allowing for a fuller, richer expression.


A certified teacher of the Miller Voice Method (mVm),
Kyle will help you access a fuller breath and a more authentic sound.

Let us  experience the real you,

not just the you that you want us to see!